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Partner • Ellen Van Parys : B-E-St Therapist

Partner • Ellen Van Parys : B-E-St Therapist 1684 1684 Aquila Farm

Ambitious to always be able to offer the best to horses, Aquila Farm surrounds itself daily with various partners, helping us at different levels to best fulfill our mission. Meet Ellen Van Parys, equine osteopath (Vluggen i.o.) and recognised B-E-St therapist.

B-E-St (bio-energy-stimulation) is a therapy that uses frequency specific microcurrent.

This therapy has been successfully used for years in the rehabilitation and daily prevention of injuries in top-level sportsmen and women, and has recently been introduced in equine rehabilitation.

It’s a very low current (slightly higher than the current that we naturally have in our body), so the horse doesn’t feel it. Microcurrent applied to injured tissue supports the natural flow in the tissue, allowing cells in the injured tissue to heal faster.

This injured area has a higher electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue. This high electrical resistance reduces the electrical conductivity in the affected area and reduces cellular capacity, making it harder for nutrients to enter the cell and waste to be removed, ultimately leading to disruption of the healing process and to inflammation.

Applying microcurrent lowers that resistance, allowing the bioelectricity to flow back through the injured tissue and initiate the resumption of the normal function.

“Her view on equine rehabilitation and reintegration into work are closely aligned with those of Aquila Farm. Focusing on the horse as a whole, mechanically, chemically, neurologically and emotionally while respecting its individuality and nature.”

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