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Specialized in holistic care for horses and humans, Ann – Holistic Care offers several services and technologies. First of all, a global physical, energetic and emotional assessment is carried out using the NesHealth system – a bioresonance and biofeedback technology – which identifies any blockages and carries out an energetic rebalancing. This rectification, through the transmission of specific waves, frees up the circulation of energy and information in the body, restoring balance to the body’s field and managing stress.

Depending on the analysis carried out and its results, she uses various complementary methods to promote and accelerate well-being and respond to the specific needs of the person or animal.

Having tested Ann’s technologies ourselves, we’re happy to officially work with two of them on a daily basis with our horses, including Bol d’Air Equin.

Bol d'air équin

Bol d’Air Equin

The body’s cells need constant, balanced oxygenation to meet energy demands. Pollution, stress and other factors have a limiting effect on oxygenation, producing excess free radicals, as in the case of extreme exertion. Tissues become “hypoxic” and tend towards inflammation.

Over 40,000 scientific publications identify a link between hypoxia – lack of cellular oxygenation – and most human and animal health problems. It is therefore always important to improve tissue oxygenation while increasing resistance to oxidative stress.

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