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Ambitious to always be able to offer the best to horses, Aquila Farm surrounds itself daily with various partners, helping us at different levels to best fulfill our mission. Here we talk about Cheval Ami.

Cheval Ami is a shop of good things, online since 2016 run by Jeannette Lersch. As a horse lover with a nomadic lifestyle and a real attraction to beautiful things, high quality, good ideas and practical inventions, the creation of Cheval Ami was an obvious choice to be able to share her discoveries.

In 7 years, a wide range of products with the focus of making the horse world a little bit better has been developed. Behind all products are passionated europeans manufacturers in direct connection with horses.

The concept of Cheval Ami is to support German-speaking manufacturers in French-speaking countries, and vice versa. In this way, smaller companies can develop and curious horse owners have a wider choice. Cheval Ami itself produces OEKO-TEX certified haynets with materials of EU origin.

What’s there to get? Lots of bareback riding pads for big and small : From pads for fine classical riding, over cosy pads in medical lambskin for therapeutical and relaxing use to outstanding 100% customised, handmade, treeless saddles for every discipline.

Pictures : Bareback pad LaBona

Cheval Ami has taken over the exclusive distribution of Equimero® handmade, multiple award-winning equipment in France. Equimero products are of unrivalled quality in the biothane field and can be customised down to the smallest detail. The customised brow-bands with Svarowski crystals can be adapted to all bridles.

In addition to riding equipment, Cheval Ami offers various concepts of slowfeeding with 135 different haynets and innovative time-programmable hay feeders, there are species-appropriate natural feeds made of plants only, a range of organic or fermented horse feeds, all free of GMP. For the horse-care Cheval Ami chooses modern LED light therapy and 100 % natural, vegan, GMO-free care products without petroleum & palm oil or preservatives.

More for the good, Cheval Ami offers a huge range of horseshoes and accessories. Shoes to put during training only, horseshoes to glue and composite horseshoes to nail.

Cheval Ami also offers rentals and organises group orders for AGROBS® and St Hippolyt® feeds.

A closer look at two products we use at Aquila Farm

Cheval Ami_Labona_Aquila Farm

Bareback pad Labona

A real asset for introducing the saddle to a young horse at its starting process. Its very light, simple composition makes it a great tool for encouraging the positive associations a young horse will make with having a saddle on its back.

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Cheval Ami_Filet foin_Aquila Farm


For all our horses, a must for slowing down the rate of hay ingestion. But why ?
– To avoid interruptions in feeding. A horse is designed to eat for around 16 hours a day.
– To avoid wasting hay that flies away or gets mixed with bedding.
– To save time

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