Partner • Natura Cheval and our favorite products for training horses

Partner • Natura Cheval and our favorite products for training horses 800 800 Aquila Farm

Ambitious to always be able to offer the best to horses, Aquila Farm surrounds itself daily with various partners, helping us at different levels to best fulfill our mission. Here we talk about the Natura Cheval brand.

Natura Cheval is an entity entirely dedicated to the well-being and support of leisure, sport and competition horses, from breeding to the end of the equine’s career. They offer you 100% natural and 100% French complementary feed: the virtues of plants and hive products for the well-being of your horses.

Aware of the needs expressed by socio-professionals in the equine environment, racehorses, C.S.Os and more generally all sport horses or breeding horses with a vocation for a sporting career, they guarantee the supply of supplementary feeds with refined formulas to precisely meet the needs of horses. Natura Cheval certifies 100% French manufacturing, from the development to the packaging of each product of its brand.

The brand also stems from a desire to reduce costs and intermediaries in order to offer the opportunity to access high quality 100% natural Made in France products, while maintaining extremely competitive prices. Thus, no subcontractor intervenes in the manufacturing process.

Finally, Natura Cheval is a network of selected professional partners which is expanding month by month. These partners share our conscience and our ethics: to work for and only for the well-being of horses, to preserve the relationship of men with our equine friends, and to fight against animal abuse.

“At Natura Cheval, we want more than anything to build relationships of trust. First of all with the women and men who, thanks to their know-how, make this whole adventure possible. A bond of trust that goes beyond commercial agreements, and are real partnerships. “

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Here are our 3 most frequently used products for working horses!

Anti Stress

A new arrival means a horse facing a transport, a change of environment and habits. All these changes in an equine’s routine can lead to stress.

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Stop Ulcé

A natural complementary feed that has been specially designed to fight against ulcers, digestive spasms and acidity in the equine stomach by regulating its pH.

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Reinforce Muscles

Support for muscle development, especially for horses returning to work or gradually aiming for more intensive work.

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